Smart Home Installation

Enjoy a more comfortable way of living, with automated lighting, heating and security.

Lighting the way



Combine your spot lights, table lamps and LED strips to create the mood you desire.


A simple tap of a button is all thats needed to scroll through to your next scene.


Because your system is smart we can set the lighting at different levels throughout the day, so if your going to the bathroom late at night take advantage of a dimmed light to show you the way.


Scene controlled lighting


Automated heating


Security & energy monitoring


Automated blinds

Cost saving


Using one thermostat to heat your whole is not very efficient.

A simple temperature sensor and automatic valve will allow you to individually heat each room in the house to the desired temperature.

This can be applied to both radiator and underfloor heating systems.

Pre-set levels can turn the heating to an economy level when you are away and also prevent your pipes from freezing in the cold.

  • Multizoned heating savings, compared to single thermostat control. 29%

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The key to security

With the use of door and window contacts on external openings your smart home can also become your security system.


Setting the alarm can be done when you leave the house, don’t worry it will let you know if you left the window open.


The motion sensors that control your lighting will now act as your alarm detectors.

If there is an intrusion you will recieve a notification or call direct to your mobile phone. Meanwhile your smart home will be capturing CCTV images and raising the alarm with your multi-room audio system.

Endless possibilities

We have shown you the most common features of a smart home, but in reality there’s not many things that cannot be automted.

gates – swimming pools – saunas – energy monitoring


Please let us know if you have a specific requirement and we will be happy to assist.


Easily controlled

I’m not a ‘tech’ person. All this sounds confusing.

We believe the key to a truly smart home is being simple to use. Sure there is an app available for when you want to make a change, its all there in one place but its not needed for simple day to day tasks.


The adoption of a smart home is of course a change to how we are used to living but by maintaining a continuity throughout will ensure smooth operation for you and your visitors.

One switch can have multiple functions and once this is adopted you will never look back.

Want to see a demonstration?


We can help to answer your questions, arrange a free demonstration and get the ball rolling towards your new smart home.