Audio Visual & Network Solutions

Enjoy property wide WiFi coverage or submerse yourself in multi-room audio.

Seamless audio

We like to keep things simple and thats exactly what we do with a multi room audio system. The smart speaker system allows you to stream music to multiple rooms throughout your house.

With the flexibility of in-ceiling or standalone speakers available we can build a system for you that suits both a retro-fit or new build scenario.

Compatible with the most popular streaming services, internet radio and with built in storage for up to 250,000 songs it will satisy the most demanding of users.


Multi-room audio


HD TV distribution


WiFi access points


'No wires' TV installation

Smart TV

With a fixed internet and aerial connection you can benefit from over 100 channels of free to view TV and radio, along with access to the smart apps on board your smart TV. The addition of an in wall media conduit will allow you the flexibility for additional devices such as games consoles.

Alternatively the use of a matrix can distribute UHD TV from your set top or media boxes to every screen in the house. You can be watching the same programme throughout the house or a different choice in each room.

Keep a remote but just one

Yes we can control your TV and other devices from a smart phone or tablet. But is that really practical?

You have to get it out of your pocket, unlock the device, find the right app… its pretty smart, but not very easy to use.

A single remote is all you need and once its setup with your favourite activities, you will wonder why you didn’t own one sooner.

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Mr Paz, Wokingham

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Mr Foster, Mortimer

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Mrs Dering, Swallowfield

WiFi access points

Todays demand for internet connectivity is huge and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down – you probably have at least two devices right next to you now.

Don’t always rely on your wireless – we advise to install a fixed network point to any static piece of equipment, freeing up your WiFi for portable devices.


We design a network infrastructure with flexibility in mind, with the correct cabling in place and use of our dual band wireless access points we aim to give a stable coverage throughout your home.


Want to see a demonstration?


We can help to answer your questions, arrange a free demonstration and get the ball rolling towards your new smart home.